All my life I have experienced a natural yearning for God, the Absolute. Faith has naturally been the driving force of my life. As I grew up, I reflected more and more on the natural connection I felt with the Universe. This Brought about a deep sense of oneness, connection from within to everything around me. After the passing of Baba, I knew spontaneously that I had to start studying and speaking on the Scriptures. Its because of the Blessings my Parents, the Masters and my Guru, that I am able to speak on the Scriptures. The Scriptures are a crystallite of the Supreme State of Self Realization. I have no illusion, that everything that is spoken by me only as an expression of Grace. I am the mouth piece through which It expresses Itself. How else can the Talks be the way they are.

With the dawn of this realization – that I am an expression of the Grace, did I realize the all encompassing GURUTATTVA. I see now that everything in our life is Grace and the more we open ourselves to It, the more It is expressed through us. The more we are relaxed, the more we open up, unfold. The relaxation comes from a deep acceptance of everything that life brings to us. There is a natural surrender, then - we simply respond to it in spontaneously. This spontaneity comes from Grace, the Anugraha being - the GURUTATTVA.

This web portal is a platform to offer and share with the world the GURUTATTVA expressed here in the form of talks and writings. I am grateful, that I can undertake this Journey is a continuum of blessings of the eternal Guruttatva that is always guiding each of us. All we have to do is listen to the voice in the silence of our heart.

Come, lets take this journey together to live the magic of GURUTATTVA.